Easy Ways to Celebrate Mom Right at Home

Celebrate Mother's Day at Home

It’s time to celebrate mom, and let’s be honest, how can you possibly ever thank her for all she does right? That means sometimes finding the right gift can be a challenging task. But what if we told you some of the most considerate and memorable gifts can happen right at home, and don’t have to be expensive? Just ideas full of all the things moms appreciate such as thoughtfulness, time spent together, and maybe a little relaxation. Read on for a few of our favorite ideas that incorporate everything mom wants for Mother’s Day right at home.

Brunch or Breakfast in Bed

Taking mom out to brunch is always fun, but it also could be hectic and busy. Why not prepare a brunch right at home that she can enjoy in the comfort of her PJs either in bed or in the kitchen with the family? And since Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, (which happens to be the universal day for brunch), it’s fairly easy to find some great brunch ideas to wow her with and make her morning memorable. Not only will she love that you did all the cooking and prepared a beautiful table or breakfast tray, she’ll appreciate the greatest gift of all, time spent with her family in a relaxed setting. Choose recipes with both sweet and savory options, celebrate with a fun Mother’s Day mimosa bar, and add her favorite fresh flowers, or personal note as a special touch.

Create a Spa in Her Bathroom

Surprise her by turning her bathroom into a home spa…her own private retreat where she can go and relax. This bathroom idea incorporates items that are easy to update such as new fluffy towels, candles, a bathtub tray, and new soft light bulbs. Don’t forget to organize and clean her bathroom counters and cabinets, add a few live plants, maybe some bath bombs you made yourself, and a speaker that will play soothing music. Most of all, then give her time to go in and relax!

Movie Night

It’s time to put that big TV and built-in entertainment center to use with family Movie Night! For Mother’s Day, let’s take things up a notch and increase the fun factor. Start by creating and printing “admission tickets” for your Mother’s Day showing, and hand them out to mom in the morning. Then be sure to make dinner…something easy to eat while sitting on the floor or the living room sofa. Be sure to load up the floor with pillows and blankets to keep things cozy, and include a game of Movie Bingo while you watch. And don’t forget popcorn in popcorn movie bags and a basket of candy for everyone to share. Want to really do something different? Take the movie outside, set up a projector and screen, and watch the movie under the stars.

Go For A Bike Ride

Throw up the garage door, dust off those bikes, and go for a ride with the family. Make mom’s bike special by decking hers out with fresh flowers, ribbons, or a new bike basket. You can also fill her basket with other treats she loves or little gift ideas such as a new water bottle, sunglasses, and snacks. Going for a bike ride is a great way to show your love for mom…quality time plus doing something healthy together outdoors, all while enjoying and rediscovering your neighborhood or local trail. Maybe even pack a picnic lunch?

Start a Garden of Your Own, Together

This idea is the gift that keeps on giving. Make sure to do all the “dirty work” yourself  (prep the flower bed, weed, add proper soil, set up irrigation), and then purchase the plants and decorative pots ahead of time. Pick up some fun gardening gloves and tools as gifts, and then surprise her with a gardening tool kit before you head outside. Whether a vegetable garden or flower bed, every time she looks outside she’ll always be reminded of the time you spent planting together.

Set Up A Room Just For Her

Maybe mom is into crafts,  photography, or yoga. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to help her take something she’s passionate about and turn that space in your home into a place she can do what she loves. Do the hard work for her, and clean out and organize the room first. Then work together to set up the room just the way she likes. From a home fitness room, to a built-in craft center, she’ll be inspired all year long.