Just in Time for Summer: The Art of Indoor/Outdoor Living


One of the biggest design trends of 2019 is all about blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Now that summer is here, there’s no better time to explore how this easy style of living can work with today’s comfortable and contemporary home. Indoor/outdoor living is all about an open floor plan…let’s face it, most of us spend the majority of our time in an office all day, so when we come home, we have a natural desire to open things up. With this style, homeowners are looking to windows and doors to create a seamless transition between inside and out…creating the feel of an open-air retreat. Think more glass, less walls that highlight amazing views, let in tons of natural light, and provide options depending on the season. In fact, adding floor-to-ceiling glass “wall” doors or an expansive skylight will dramatically change the feel of the home. Considering committing to an indoor/outdoor design to your home? Here are a few ways you can incorporate this emerging trend, and take the indoor/outdoor flow in your home to a whole new level.

Natural Materials

Warm, woody tones and accent pieces combine with sleek gunmetal-colored facade, fireplaces, and artwork. Steel, glass, reclaimed wood, or natural wood cabinetry are one way to bring the outdoors in. An industrial-looking fireplace is another way to add a rustic, earthy look to the inside and/or outside of your home. 

Airy Spaces Create Flow

Think vaulted ceilings and clean modern lines in the kitchen with a large open dining area in the kitchen leading out to the backyard. This is where a moving glass wall creates that natural flow between indoors and out, leading to a patio “living area” that is easily accessible from the kitchen when entertaining. All that glass also provides clear views of surrounding trees and landscape. 

Fresh Kitchen Ideas

When considering a kitchen remodel in a home that is focused on separating any boundaries between the inside and outside, consider an expansive kitchen island with views outside, and well-planned lower kitchen cabinets with many storage options. Why? Homeowners looking to create an open, airy feel in their kitchen should consider forgoing upper cabinets so nothing blocks the views outside. 

Open Air Transition Room

Ideal for entertaining, the outdoor space directly outside the open plan kitchen features an area for dining al fresco or relaxing in the evening. Flooring is often seamless flowing from inside to outside to create a consistent look, with fireplaces moving outside for a cozy family gathering spot. Some homeowners are even including outdoor heating and cooling systems to ensure comfort. When it comes to outdoor furniture, many styles are now living room-worthy both in quality and design, and are able to withstand the elements. 

Living Walls

This is one trend that can add a fresh touch both inside and out! Living walls or vertical gardens is similar to hanging a living piece of art to any wall. Plus it will improve the air quality in your home…in fact, a 50 square foot living wall produces the same amount of oxygen as a 14-foot tree!

Don’t Forget the Bathroom

While much of indoor/outdoor living is centered around the kitchen/dining/patio areas, you can also carry this concept  into your bathroom remodel. Currently a major trend in architecture, indoor/outdoor master baths are a great way to add interest and value to your home. From outdoor showers and bathtubs, to decks that open up from the bathroom, can all make a smaller bath feel more spacious. Follow the same rules as the kitchen/dining areas when it comes to bathroom vanities, countertop solutions and lighting.