Traditional Cabinetry

Traditional cabinetry encapsulates all the familiar warmth and style of antiques and intricate woodwork. Primarily built as framed cabinets, these gorgeous cupboards and drawers have a lovingly hand-crafted effect that gives a kitchen a warm and welcoming air.

Within the realm of traditional cabinetry are a number of subcategories. Among the most popular of these in the United States is the American style, which takes its features primarily from colonial kitchens coupled with Georgian and old Southern touches. These cabinets are marked by their efficient and uncomplicated design filled with straight lines but touched by flairs of woodworking, such as inset and beaded inset cabinet styles.

For another popular variation on traditional cabinetry, consider the craftsman or mission style. Utilizing a slightly more rugged design, these drawers and cupboards have a distinctive handmade feel and are constructed from various hardwoods like cherry, maple or oak. Installing custom craftsman-style cabinetry is a commitment, but one that will pay off with one of the most distinctive and gorgeous kitchens you’ve seen.

From old-world styles to the Victorian, traditional cabinetry is a great way to give your home a rustic or classic elegance.

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