Creative Ways to Use Twinkle Lights in Holiday Decorations


Twinkle lights (aka, fairy lights) are one of the most popular decorating trends. On social media, you’ll find them used in every conceivable way. So if you haven’t indulged yet, now is the perfect time to use them to brighten up your holiday decorations. Let these five ideas light the way to your twinkle lights inspiration…and make some luminous holiday memories.

1. Drape them. The more lights you use, the denser the appearance.

Drape them over the top of your kitchen cabinets to add a festive feel while baking holiday treats, or over door entries to welcome guests in your home. Having overnight guests? Drape them over the headboard for a dreamy night or over the mirror in the bathroom to reflect the light and maximize the twinkle.

2. Cluster them. Bunches of lights create a dramatic impact.  

Cluster twinkle lights in a large glass bowl with decorative branches or flowers for a unique centerpiece at the holiday table. Or consider gathering them around logs in the fireplace or an outdoor fire pit to add light without the flames and smoke.

3. Hang them. Strings create a wall of light.   

Hang them from the ceiling in a cluster so they fall like icicles into a room, or take this idea outside and hang them from the trees in your yard to add “icicles” without the snow! Create a twinkling overhead “welcome mat” by hanging them from your porch.

4. Wrap them. Light up any favorite holiday decoration.

Wrap them around any circular object and hang them on your door like an ethereal wreath, or wrap an additional layer of lights around your tree for an added glow.

5. Weave them. Work a holiday glow throughout the room.

Scattered twinkle lights  across your hearth to add some holiday cheer. Don’t forget your indoor plants or decorative branches…add lights there for added glow to the room.