Check out our video library to take a virtual tour of our showroom and factory, see “quick clips” of machines and products in action, and learn more about our environmental focus. We also share videos of interest from vendors, partners and industry associations.

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About Canyon Creek

We’ve been manufacturing products at our Monroe, WA facility since 1995. In that time, we’ve added additional manufacturing and warehouse space – now totaling 285,000 sq. ft. Take a look inside…

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Showroom Tour

With over 30 displays, our 6,000 sq. ft. showroom offers plenty of ideas and inspiration.

Sumitomo Forestry Group

Learn about our parent company, Sumitomo Forestry Group.

2017 AWB Operational Excellence Award

Canyon Creek is honored to be a part of Washington’s manufacturing story.

A Look Inside

This brief video will give you a look at what’s the behind the showroom wall!

Sustainable Manufacturing

This video will take you behind the scenes of our woodworking facility, and how our custom cabinets are beautiful in more than just looks.

Canyon Creek Tour

This short tour of Canyon Creek’s 250,000 sq. ft. facility includes a look at our showroom and production areas.

2014 AWB Leading Environmental Practices

The Association of Washington Business recognized CC for ongoing efforts to reduce finish waste, cut vehicle emissions and recycle or reuse.

2013 AWB Better Workplace Safety Award

Our ongoing commitment to workplace safety encompasses everything from machine training and first aid to ergonomics.

Distressing Is Fun!

One of the many designers that joined us for the NKBA Puget Sound Chapter meeting learns how to use distressing tools.

Adjustment Videos

Have a door that doesn’t line up with its neighbor, or a drawer that sits high on one side? Check out our adjustments videos, with step-by-step instructions and images that will help you get things straightened out!

Installing Restrictor Clips

Installing restrictor clips in Blum hinges

Blum Cornerstone Hinge Adjustment

Adjusting Blum hinges in Cornerstone

Cornerstone hinge

For concealed door hinges on Cornerstone cabinets.

Blum Millennia Hinge Adjustment

Adjusting Blum hinges in Millennia

Millennia hinge

Adjust doors on Millennia frameless cabinets.

Remove Millennia door

How to remove a Millennia door from the hinge plate.

Katana hinge

Adjusting hinges on Katana frameless cabinets.

6-way drawer guide

Drawer guide adjustment for Cornerstone & Millennia

Cornerstone self-centering drawers

Adjusting Cornerstone drawers with centering mechanism.

Katana drawer guide

Correct the drawer positioning for Katana frameless cabinets

Quick Clips

Our “quick clips” are short peeks at products, processes and equipment found throughout our facility.

Glaze Application

Our most popular enhancement is hand-applied in our finish department…

Suzy Q Corner Storage

Yes, it’s a corner cabinet with doors that don’t swing out into the kitchen.

Wardrobe Lift

A high closet rod is no problem with a wardrobe lift that brings the garments right to you!

Closets Plus – Hamper

If your closet is large enough, a hamper is a very practical luxury…

Compact Kitchen

This compact Millennia frameless display features our Quattro and Duet doors in beech with Cayenne stain.

Closets Plus – Ironing Board

From our showroom, a quick demo of a “now you see it, now you don’t” ironing board.

Flat-line Finish

140 chain-driven trays deliver parts to our sprayers, then whisk those parts up into overhead ovens for curing.

Wrap It Up!

Because the guys loading the trucks got tired of running in circles…

Industry News & Info

Periodically, we run across videos produced by vendors, builders or industry trade groups that include information we think is interesting, helpful or entertaining.

Buying Wood Products

The benefits of purchasing wood cabinets for your home.

Facts About Formaldehyde

This short video from the KCMA gives a condensed overview of formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde in the Building Industry

An informational video from the KCMA regarding the presence of formaldehyde in building materials.