Acrylic panels get a reset

Canyon Creek offers a wide variety of “prep for glass” cabinet doors. You can select styles with completely open center panels; “X” or “C” grid centers, and various grid configurations. We ship doors ready to receive the glass you’ve chosen, or you can opt to have acrylic panel inserts installed here at the factory.

Our vendor recently retired a number of designs we carried: Meadow, Zito, Chiroroot, Bahama, Moire Horizontal and Moire Vertical. While we kept long-time favorites Gloss, Matte and Rain Emboss, we took the opportunity to select an entirely new range of options, pictured below. Quarry Milan is nearly opaque; all of the other styles have some level of transparency. (Vena is laid over Quarry Milan to show the frosted pattern.) Matte and Mirage Platinum have a non-reflective surface; all other designs have a reflective gloss surface.

Visit our acrylic panel page to see each of the designs individually.