MCC carpentry program donations

For many years, Canyon Creek has donated wood scraps and pieces to the Carpentry program at Monroe Correctional Complex’s Sustainable Practices Lab. The carpentry program, like other workforce programs, focuses on developing technical and social skills, and is modeled after real-world work situations. Studies have shown that inmates who have participated in the correctional industries training are much better positioned for success upon release.

In the past, inmates in the program built doghouses and toy chest/desks that were donated to local charities.

At a smaller scale, a wide range of toys showcase the skills program participants are learning. From the intricate shapes of the puzzles to the details that go into the trucks, planes and ships, some impressive work is being done! Toys are donated to Children’s Hospital in Seattle, local police and fire departments as well as the local Boys and Girls club.

Another project was a jewelry box made from Sapele and Alder woods donated by CC. The beautifully detailed box includes mitered corners, decorative inlays and hand-built hinges.