New for Katana: Thunder paint

In recent months, grey paint has made some inroads into the popularity of classic white. To give you and your designer more options, we’ve added Thunder, from our Curated Collection, to the Katana paint palette.

We’ve also made the Katana box better.

Over the last six months, we’ve made a big investment in time, resources and equipment. We took delivery of four new routers that will help improve quality, streamline processes and reduce material waste.

At the same time, Katana has been redesigned with a fully captured back that is 1/2″ thick instead of 1/8″. This improves the appearance of wall cabinets, as the back is no longer visible, providing a cleaner look. Top and bottom shelves extend full depth to be captured by the back, and a one-piece top with routed opening creates even more strength (and makes installation easier).