What’s Behind the Cabinetry?
Canyon Creek manufactures affordable, quality cabinets at our facility in Monroe, WA. We recognize the responsibility that comes with being a large manufacturer, and we are committed to being a good corporate citizen, to the benefit of our employees, owners, and the community at large.

Mission & Values

It is the mission of Canyon Creek Cabinet Company to safely and responsibly provide quality cabinetry solutions that: CHANNEL PARTNERS prefer to specify, HOMEOWNERS recommend to others, EMPLOYEES are proud of, and INVESTORS value for consistent returns.

Our Core Values Are:

  • Honesty with our owners, customers, vendors and fellow employees.
  • Do what we say we will do.
  • Provide a safe and progressive work environment.
  • Treat our fellow employees, vendors & customers with fairness and respect.
  • Provide an environment of open communication, growth, opportunity, participation and information with our employees.
  • Continually improve with appropriate speed our products, processes, technology and services to meet changing market demands.
  • Be a good community citizen.
  • Be ecologically responsible.
  • Accept responsibility for our actions both individually and collectively.
KCMA's Environmental Program (ESP)

Companies that are certified in this voluntary program are going above and beyond to develop environmentally preferable products that contribute to the well-being of the environment. Points are awarded in five categories (including air quality, product resource management and community relations), and are reviewed annually.

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Quality & Warranty
At Canyon Creek, we believe quality is an essential element in our cabinetry construction, finishes and enhancements. Our warranty reflects our strong commitment to quality and formalizes our promise of customer satisfaction, today and in the years to come.
Cornerstone & Millennia (PDF) | download
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Quality Policy (PDF) | download

Certifications & Awards
We are certified in a number of industry programs that recognize quality and environmental responsibility. We also feel fortunate to have been awarded for our ongoing efforts to be a good corporate citizen. Visit the Certificates page.
Our Green Story
Industry Regulations
CARB Compliance (PDF) | download

Learn more about:

We’ve been focused on sustainable manufacturing for more than 20 years, and constantly look for better materials, ways to cut energy use, and create less waste. Programs such as the By-Product Synergy Group NW and Green Cabinet Source help us achieve those goals.

The wood sheet stock we use to build our cabinets is compliant with a number of stringent standards regarding low formaldehyde levels.
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Community Involvement
Canyon Creek Cabinet Company has made a positive impact on the economic development of Snohomish County, and strives to be a good community neighbor. Visit the Community page.
Since 1981, Canyon Creek has been a recognized leader in the kitchen and bath industry, and we have won many industry awards for our cabinetry and environmental practices.
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Organizations & Memberships
Canyon Creek is involved with a number of industry associations, as well as business, leadership and quality organizations. Many of our employees belong to groups that strengthen their skills as well.
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