Contemporary Cabinetry

On the other end of the spectrum from traditional cabinetry is contemporary. While traditional is defined by its warm wood grains and touches of ornamentation, contemporary cabinetry is designed to be sleek, efficient and minimal. With all the striking character of a new car, contemporary cabinetry can make a great choice for any homeowner seeking a stylish and industrial design in his or her kitchen.

Moulding, decorative onlays and other unique ornamentation are generally absent in contemporary kitchens, which instead focus on space and efficiency. Look no further than the iconic frameless cabinetry for proof. Rather than utilizing an exterior frame, as with framed cabinets, these cupboards and drawers allow instant access to the entirety of the cabinet box.

One of the other hallmarks of contemporary cabinetry is the material. Often constructed from metals, laminates or other synthetics, these cupboards and drawers have all the appeal of a professional restaurant kitchen, with sleek elegance to spare. If you’re looking to add warmth, consider wood cabinets and include quartz countertops. Painted brick can also make a great accompaniment to this sleek design style. Thinking of installing frameless modern cabinets in your home? You couldn’t do better than contemporary cabinetry.

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