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    Designing the Perfect Hobby Room Layout for Your Client


    Hobby and craft rooms are rapidly gaining popularity as more individuals unlock their creative side. To design the perfect space, it is crucial to understand the specific needs and functionality of the room. An important aspect often overlooked is creating tailored storage for the space.

    When thinking about cabinetry, kitchen and bath projects are often the first areas we focus on. After all, where else in a home do we spend more time? However, with the past few years opening the door to try new, at-home hobbies, having a special space to indulge in these new passions can be just as much of a dream come true as a new kitchen.

    The Perfect Craft Room and Its Considerations

    A hobby or craft room is a dedicated space to indulge in creative endeavors offering limitless functionality, from painting and sewing to woodworking and model building. The creative workspace’s design should always align with its intended use.

    When handling such a delicate project, getting to know the user and profoundly understanding their artistic inclination is key. Ask a lot of questions about little details to find out precisely what is needed, for example, storage requirements, a preferred accent and decorative style, and so on. Canyon Creek not only offers an extensive selection of stained woods and a curated collection of trending paint colors, but also has the option to work with our paint partners Sherwin Williams, Farrow and Ball, and Benjamin Moore to offer specialized color options, even custom-matching paint or stain solutions to create the perfect look for any project. To design the most suitable and personalized storage and overall space, consider the following aspects:

    • What is the room’s primary function, and what sorts of activities will it be used for? Work, hobbies, or both?
    • Who is this space for? Who should it accommodate? Kids? Adults?
    • Is it a shared space?
    • Are there any particular space requirements?
    • What type and amount of storage are necessary?

    In addition, it’s necessary to consider the rest of the house. What kind of materials are they already using throughout? What types of finishes do they have in their house? This will help ensure the new design feels in sync with their homes’ general aesthetic.


    Cabinets are essential in a hobby room. They can greatly personalize and provide practical value to a craft area via, not only the ample storage solutions and unique workspace they can offer, but for their aesthetics as well. TSS is an ideal solution for cabinetry in a craft space because it is a material that is not only easy to clean, but durable and dazzling as well.

    What practical benefits arise when you fit the ideal cabinetry solution into a customer’s DIY space? Here are a few:

    • Organization: creatives can keep their supplies and tools organized by designating specific areas in craft room cabinets, such as drawers for thread, dividers for beads, or shelves for paper. Reimagining kitchen storage cabinets opens boundless possibilities for storage and organization. A Full Base Pull-Out Container cabinet comes with OXO Good Grip containers included. The storage solutions that keep your flour and sugar fresh, works wonders to keep glitter contained! Or leave the lid off for instant access to paint brush, art-pen, and pencil storage.
    • Storage: cabinets with adjustable shelves, drawers, and compartments can store tools and supplies ranging in size from small beads and buttons to painting canvases. An open base cabinet is 24” deep and easily stores large rolls of fabric. Add additional shelves to create easy accessibility!
    • Workspace optimization: Using Canyon Creek’s Special Product Request program, cabinets can be custom-designed and built to fit specific dimensions, allowing for efficient utilization of your client’s room’s layout.
    • Aesthetics: cabinetry enhances the overall visual attractiveness of a hobby room by offering a consistent and harmonized appearance. You may design your clientele’s customizable cabinet with a variety of options, such as different finishes, colors, and hardware options.


    All hobby and craft spaces have tools and components specific to that activity. During the planning phase for the design consider the various locations that allow efficient and safe storage for these diverse tools and pieces of equipment.

    Here are some various craft room tools along with their suitable storage spaces:

    • Sewing machine: a dedicated space for a sewing machine is enhanced when surrounded by different types of storage like compartmentalized shelves to organize fabrics, or Canyon Creek’s wood spice rack which allows for easy visibility and accessibility for spools of thread and other sewing notions.

    • Cutting tools: Base apothecary or wall spice drawers double as storage and organization for small tools such as scissors, Rotary cutters, and utility knives. Or consider specialty drawer inserts such as the one pictured here which can fit a lot in a small space.

    • Painting supplies: Tray dividers create vertical slots ideal for keeping canvases upright and from leaning into each other denting the material.
    • 3”, 6” & 9” Base Filler Pull-Outs: These pull-outs make big use of a tiny space. These pull-out cabinets feature adjustable shelves and the perfect proportions for holding small bottles of paint, gesso, and other painting mediums. Quickly grab exactly what’s needed without having to empty an entire shelf!
    • Jewelry making tools: tools such as loupes, wire cutters, and jewelry files can be stored in small-compartmentalized drawers or use roll out tray for storage of bulk-items. A pull-out towel rack creates space for strings of beads, ribbons, and other hanging storage needs.
    • Scrapbooking tools: a dedicated scrapbooking desk or table with multiple compartments and drawers. Individual slots allow a variety of stored paper neatly fit inside this letter organizer. And a 12” depth means this cabinet can hang on a wall, or be placed with base cabinets for quick access to the desired page.
    • Model building tools: Keep hobby knives, tweezers, glues, and paint neatly organized with the Wood Cutlery Tray Insert. Trimmable in the field, this insert can fit in a variety of drawer sizes, and creates contained spaces for small parts that could otherwise quickly get lost or damaged.

    Work surface or location

    The work surface plays a significant role in a hobby room ‘s functionality, comfort, and overall efficiency. Whether your clients are engaged in sewing, painting, model building, or any other craft, designing an ideal work space is essential to enhancing their creative experience.

    Here are some key considerations to keep in mind when creating a work space for your craft and hobby rooms.

    • Ergonomics and comfort: enthusiasts often spend hours engrossed in their projects making it crucial to prioritize ergonomics and comfort. Consider the height of the work surface, ensuring it is appropriate for the type of activity being performed. For activities that involve sitting for extended periods, such as sewing or intricate painting, a comfortable chair with proper back support should also be included in the design. An ergonomically designed work surface and chair can significantly reduce strain and promote better posture, enhancing the overall experience.
    • Functionality and flexibility: craft rooms serve various purposes and accommodate different activities. The work surface should be versatile and adaptable to cater to specific needs. Incorporate work-spaces at different heights and a variety of countertop depths options to accommodate a multitude of projects and preferences. This flexibility ensures a user can work comfortably and efficiently, even as their needs and interests change.
    • Size and layout: the layout and size of the work surface should be planned carefully to accommodate the available space and requirements of the craft room period account for the dimensions of the room and the workflow of the user. Ensure ample surface area exists for spreading out materials, tools, and ongoing projects. Additionally incorporating storage solutions like drawers, shelves, or cabinets within or adjacent to the work surface can maximize organization and efficiency.

    Sitting or standing

    During their creative process, will your client be seated or standing? This is an essential consideration when designing a craft room, as it’ll guide you on ideal space allocation. Remember to leave enough room to sit for long periods comfortably. Sometimes, to maximize storage, seating space is often sacrificed. The amount of space required for seating and squirming will be unique to each client, but the minimum specified by the National Kitchen and Bath Association is 24” wide, but a more generous space will range from 30” – 36”.

    Standing bar tops 42″ off the ground are very comfortable for many people as a “leaning height.” If 42″ isn’t the right height for your customer, remember that Cornerstone and Millennia cabinet heights can be adjusted in ¼” increments to achieve a precise fit.

    Display the results

    Once your client completes their creative project, they’ll definitely want a dedicated place to display it. Joy and satisfaction come from creating beautiful works of art, whether it’s intricate jewelry, stunning paintings, or meticulously crafted models, and having these art pieces well-displayed serves as motivation. Some creative and minimalist ways you could employ to showcase finished craft room projects:

    • Cabinets with routed for glass, or utilizing mullion doors
    • Open cabinets
    • Floating shelves

    Empowering designers: Partnering with Canyon Creek Cabinet Company

    At Canyon Creek Cabinet Company, our primary objective is to satisfy our valued customers. Offering high-quality, semi-custom cabinetry design and production (ISO 9001: 2015 certified) we have successfully established ourselves as an industry leader. With a track record of over 4 decades in distribution, our extensive array of choices, unparalleled expertise, and comprehensive support services position us as the preferred West Coast partner for all your cabinetry needs.

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