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    Kitchen Cabinet Trends to Follow in 2024

    Kitchen Interior Design | Pantry Houston | Canyon Creek Cabinets

    Cabinets are integral, if not the most important design feature in your kitchen. Their look and feel set the entire tone of the space.  And if the new year heralds a redesign for your client, you’ll need to make sure you are up to date with the latest kitchen cabinet trends for 2024.

    2024 is a time of design freedom. Homeowners are no longer beholden to strict design rules that make their kitchen look like the next-door neighbors. This year, kitchen cabinet trends are all about uniqueness and combining multiple themes. Designers juxtapose modern farmhouse, organic modern, simple transition, classic contemporary, and nature-inspired trends. These unique combinations make a statement while providing a comfortable and livable space. The key is bold accents with color and texture while working within different styles to create a special look.

    Flexible Spaces

    Wet bar activity space with dark stain frameless cabinetry and marble kitchen countertops | Canyon Creek Cabinets

    With kitchens as the focal point for entertaining and daily life, design trends have a lot of requirements. Pantries are instrumental to kitchen design these days. If your space allows a walk-in pantry, this provides a clean area to tuck away appliances, store bulk food, and offer a small workspace and/or coffee station. For smaller spaces, butler’s pantries are a great option. Allowing for some of the capabilities of a walk-in pantry, these do not require a large footprint.

    Another component of a modern kitchen is to add niche spaces. A niche space creates extra storage space within a small space. Think of having multi-use activity centers throughout your kitchen: a bench that doubles as storage, and a snack counter used as a mini office space/homework area. Maybe even a day-to-night built-in bar that goes from a coffee bar in the morning to a cocktail bar in the evenings. Modern kitchen design requires each resulting work zone to fulfill multiple use cases.

    Style and Color 

    Bold black cabinets accent natural wood stain kitchen island and white countertops | Canyon Creek Cabinets

    Have your clients grown bored of minimalist white, sharp lines, and empty space? We invite you to enter into the world of color and curves. Embrace a statement wall with a pop of Peach Fuzz (Pantone’s color of the year 2024) or your favorite bold hue. Kitchen interior design trends this year are elevating to bold pops of blue, green and even black. These color pops in traditionally monotone places turn basic cabinetry into intriguing design elements.

    Your cabinetry can be part of these statement pieces. When picking out shapes for 2024, go for curved countertops on your built-in bar cabinets and kitchen island. The curve is both bold and slightly magical.


    Upgraded luxury laundry room with storage cabinets for organization | Brentwood Door Styles | Canyon Creek Cabinets

    One impactful way to upgrade a forgotten space is to add built-in cabinets. Imagine an outdated laundry room with newly built cabinets clean and ready for organization. Clients may also want to fully renovate their basement space with a bar area for entertaining and leisure. A set of built-in cabinets allows for hidden storage, easy clean-up, and immediate luxury. You can up the element of luxury by embellishing the cabinets with custom metal accents.


    Minimalist interior design for the kitchen with white and natural wood cabinets | Duet Door Styles | Canyon Creek Cabinets

    There are simplistic trends that maintain a modern look if bold is not your style. The minimalist Scandinavian style is ideal for the person who loves simplicity and functionality. To refine this look, mid-century modern elements keep this look up-to-date. This look is a great option for starter homes. Millennials entering the kitchen and home redesign market may not have the resources their Gen X or Boomer counterparts have quite just yet, and keeping designs stylish yet simple is a great compromise for clients under more budgetary constraints.


    Maximalist interior design for the kitchen with burgundy and natural wood cabinets | Duet Door Styles | Canyon Creek Cabinets

    On the other end of the design spectrum, maximalism is a rapidly growing trend making its way towards the mainstream in 2024. Combining bold color with texture and curated items embody the maximalism of the new year. An abundance of accessories brings this style to life to make the space uniquely yours. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns of different design elements, such as materials, wallpapers, and styles. Maximalist spaces build upon themselves through the layering of curated items that just screams “extra” (but in a good way). This look strives to be personal and comfortable rather than sparse and unoccupied.

    Cabinets are central for setting the functionality and tone of the space. While each of the design trends above are certainly possible from an all-in perspective, there are no hard-and-fast rules. Whether your client’s tastes are a fit for bold and colorful, or understated, the right aesthetic is ultimately derived from meeting your client’s needs and personality.




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