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Keep your little one(s) safe in the kitchen with these baby proof methods.

Baby proof your kitchen

Once your baby becomes mobile, there is no stopping him or her from trying to explore every nook and cranny of the house.

If your space is used for multiple purposes, remember to keep the design idea flowing throughout the room. Feel free to mix different shades, textures and lighting that come together to create a cohesive design for the perfect work/life balance.

A home office doesn’t have to look like work

When creating a home office, it’s important to define a design palette – there’s nothing more stressful than a messy room that lacks organization and consistency!

Red - evokes a sense of energy and power and is a great color to make a bold statement. Try using it as an accent color with accessories or on one wall of a room to draw the attention to a fireplace or great piece of art.

How certain colors can affect your mood 

There are many studies out there that prove color can significantly affect one’s emotions, so how do you know what colors to use in your home?